EZflash Omega VS R4i gold 3ds plus, quale acquistare per NDS e 3DS?

EZflash Omega VS R4i gold 3ds plus, quale acquistare per NDS e 3DS?

Another flashcard is coming out in 2018 from EZFLASH team, that’s the EZFLASH Omega, between it and the current hottest flash card R4i gold 3ds plus, which we should buy for the Nintendo DS or 3DS console, you can know the answer from here.

EZflash Omega: What is it?

EZ FLASH Omega – new flash cart for NintendoⓇ DS (NDS) and GameBoy Advance consoles (GBA). Similar to last flashcart from EZ Flash, the Reform model, this Omega cart offer 2 cases in different sizez. It fits in both older fat NDS, GBA and NDS Lite that requires smaller case.

One major feature of the EZ Omega card is that all games’ save data are written to microSD card directly after in-game save behavior instead of keeping by battery. The cartridge is working flawless even without a battery, so the battery on the cartridge is used by real time clock only. This GBA flashcart also supports users to play free GB/GBC/NSE games freely!


  • GBA game copy and play, no client needed
  • Fast patch engine, instat game load speed, additional manual patch engine to support modified rom
  • Hardware based direct save to SD card.
  • Cheat
  • Save states
  • Real time clock
  • Sleep
  • Hotkey customizable
  • 256Mb PSRAM suppot all game instant load
  • 512Mb Norflash, keep your favorite games
  • GB/GBC/NES game copy and play
  • System on chip level recovery mode, prevent upgrade dead
  • Support FAT16/FAT32/EXFAT, 128MB-128GB SD card
  • Firmware and kernel both are upgradable

R4i gold 3ds plus: What is it?

r4i gold 3ds plus rts

R4i gold 3ds plus-2017 R4i gold 3ds plus edition released by R4ids.cn site, which is producing the most famous R4i card R4i gold 3ds wood rts several years ago. The new R4i gold 3ds rts plus is a copy version of the old R4i gold 3ds rts but added a pre-flashed ntrboothax exploit and an inner button for switching from NTR to DS mode. In 2018, it’s the best flashcard to buy for playing free NDS games and installing CFW!


  • Support NDS games on any 3DS or DSI firmare console
  • Play GB/GBC/SNES/NES/Other games with emulator installed
  • Compatible with Homebrew, allow users to watch movie, listen to music, read e-books and so on
  • Real-time save and User cheats are supported
  • Multirrom
  • Compatible with NTRboothax, users can use it to install CFW on any 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DS XL device

EZflash Omega VS R4i gold 3ds plus, what are the differences?

EZFLASH OMEGA R4i gold 3ds plus
Console Compatibility Work on any GBA or DS console Work on any DS or 3DS console
Game Compatibility Support GBA games natively.

GB/GBC/NES game copy and play

Support NDS games natively.
Region free Yes Yes
RTS Yes Yes
Cheats Yes Yes
RTC Yes No
Kernel V1.0 kernel Wood v1.64
Price $61.5 $22.5

EZflash Omega and R4i godl 3ds plus, which to buy for NDS and 3DS?

It’s easy to get an answer, if you want to play GBA, or GB/GBC/NES games and you have a NDS or NDSL console, you should buy the ezflash omega flashcard, otherwise, if you would like to play NDS games or install CFW to a 3ds, the correct choice is buying the R4i gold 3ds rts plus. Both of the flash carts are in stock of 3DS-Flashcard site, we can ship you them from USPS shipment or via free shipping. Order from us, you will get a voucher code to use too!

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